Piotr Arnoldes

What if you get more Guests easier and faster?

I know what you're afraid of in these difficult times, but I also know what to do to make those fears disappear.

You want to know more?
You'll find everything what you need below. Read it and make a decision consciously, without emotion or pressure.

 (You can see some effects of my work in the gallery above).

At that time I met many wonderful people who are professionals in what they do. In my opinion they all form one big Rotan family.
I have travelled almost 6 thousand kilometers but thanks to them I felt like I was home. 


I keep thinking about what I can do to continue to be part of this unique community. It gave me an idea.

I know what costs you have to face with a photo shoot so I have a proposal for you. I honestly believe that it will be unique and will help you to get more Guests. 


Options and prices

I have two proposals for photo packages.
In both cases the photo shoot should take a maximum of 7 days. 
PACKAGE 50 photos for $9,500
PACKAGE 20 photos for $6,000


What does the cooperation process look like? 

On the first day, we discuss and finalize the work plan together. Moreover, I familiarize myself with the hotel and the space I will be taking pictures of. Next days are devoted to taking pictures. During the break between the photo sessions I will show you the first effects of my work, so that we make sure it meets your expectations.

After few days of shooting, I will present you with unprocessed images from which you will choose your favourite shots for me to will work on. 

It will be possible to buy additional photos. We do not have to focus only on 50 or 20 photos.

I will retouch the photos when I am already back in Poland. It will take maximum 14 days. After processing the photos, I will issue an invoice and upon payment you will receive the photos.

Photos that you receive will be prepared in three resolutions:

1. Full resolution from which you can print large size photos (even billboard).
2. The second smaller one is for Booking.com.
3. The third one is the best fit for the Internet (social media, advertising or website).


I only work with prestigious hotels and I know what materials will be ideal for meeting the high expectations of both the hotel and the hotel guests. I am convinced that my work will help your hotel win even more satisfied guests around the world.


If you want to find out more or set a date for a photo shoot, please write to me at piotr@arnoldes.com.





O mnie

Specjalizuję się w fotografii przeznaczonej przede wszystkim dla branży HoReCa. Realizuję zlecenie na terenie całego kraju. Tematyka, w której odnajduję się najlepiej to fotografia wnętrz oraz fotografia kulinarna. Zajmuję się także szeroko pojętą fotografią reklamową. Jestem bardzo zaangażowany w projekty, które realizuję. Dobry efekt końcowy przynoszący dodatkowe zyski moim Partnerom Biznesowym cieszy i motywuje do kolejnego działania. Gorąco polecam zapoznanie się z galerią fotografii wnętrz oraz ofertą zamieszczonymi na mojej stronie internetowej.

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